Easily save layout sections in the Page Builder

When I started building sites with Divi I loved the ease-of-use of the Page Builder. Very soon I realized I will have sections of pages that I will want to reuse and don’t want to recreate. Let it be only a section at the very end of a page with some copyright info or a specific layout with a call to action in the middle of every page. Saving and Loading a layout is the easy solution for this, but how is it possible to save only a section?


Move your WordPress site to a new domain in 2 minutes

If you are a WordPress developer, or you just drafted your WordPress based site on a local machine and want to move it to its final location / domain, then you will most probably need to change all the links in your posts, pages, media … basically everywhere.

Luckily there is an easy solution for that. Read further to find out how to move your WordPress site to a new domain in 2 minutes.