Font Awesome for Divi 2.1 update

The Font Awesome for Divi plugin has been updated to include version 4.5.0 of the icon library.

Now you can use cool icons like and some more.

Don’t be an ! Hop to the store and put the plugin in your .

I won’t be asking for your because the plugin is for free. Don’t there, grab some other goodies as well.

Upload the plugin to your WordPress site and you are ready to go. It works in all major browswers, even in .

And if you like it then about it. Or you can invite me for a . 🙂

Divi Builder Admin UI revisited

Happy 2016 to everyone! Hope you all had happy holidays with lots of joy and good food. I’m still trying to recover, so I’m taking it easy. 🙂 This gave me some time to re-check how the admin UI of the “new” Divi can be improved.

A lot has changed since February 2015, when I posted the first article on this topic, which was still done pre Divi 2.4. Since then we have a more enhanced Divi with more options, more user-friendlyness and more of everything, thanks to the dedication of ET. And we also have the amazing Divi Builder plugin which you can use with any theme you want, and we have the Extra theme, which is also based on the Divi Builder. (Thanks guys! You are the best!!!)

And this brings us to the first big improvement of this trick: it WORKS WITH ALL THREE: the Divi Builder, the Divi theme and the Extra theme. Updated to Divi 2.6.x.

The UI of the Divi Builder also has changed dramatically to its advantage. But for me there was still some “room for improvement”. 🙂 I’m always looking for ways to optimize things that make work (or fun) easier whether it’s less clicks, less scrolling or more data on the screen. So read on to find out how you can have a Divi user interface that makes your work faster.