Andras Guseo, chief editor of The divi magazine

About me

My name is Andras Guseo and I’m the chief editor of The divi magazine. Well, I’m running this blog. :o)

I’m a web developer and marketing professional from Switzerland (originally from Hungary). I have almost two decades of experience in developing a variety of web sites, and some 7-8 years experience in marketing. I’ve built my first web page in 1997 and I’m an enthusiast ever since. Lately I’ve been focusing solely on WordPress due to its flexibility, expandability and ease-of-use.

I have worked a lot and developed quite a good knowledge about the below plugins. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’ll try to help.

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If you need extensive work, you can also hire me.

… and what else?

  • I have two beautiful little princesses and thus, little sleep :-).
  • I like movies and I’d take Star Wars over Star Trek any day. I mostly watch superhero movies and epic tales. I’m a sucker for Tarantino movies as well.
  • I’m almost a video game addict. LucasArts rules with all the point-and-click mayhem and recently I’m into RPGs like The Witcher, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and SWToR, of course. No, WoW didn’t suck me in. I didn’t have time for it any more. 🙂
  • As for music I’m a diverse listener although no kind of metal. U2 is a big favorite, can listen to it any time.
  • Beer or wine? Depends on the mood and the food.
  • And I love coffee!



  • During most of the day I take care of my lovely daughters.
  • I’m supporting users of The Events Calendar and Co. (Love it! Awesome team. And we’re hiring!)
  • I’m responsible for an eCommerce site for the toughest clients on Earth. (Let’s say it runs in the family. ;o) )
  • I’m trying to fit some sports in my everydays.

About The divi magazine

Since I discovered the Divi theme form Elegant Themes I became a big fan. I have developed several sites using the theme and encountered challenges on how to implement various things. The divi magazine is to share all that and some trickss and tips when using Divi and / or WordPress.

A screenshot of the Divi theme demo page

About Divi

Divi is a flexible all-in-one WordPress theme from Elegant Themes with powerful features that give you complete creative control over how you build your website. And it just got better with version 2.4!!!

In case you don't know Divi