Divi Builder Admin UI revisited

Happy 2016 to everyone! Hope you all had happy holidays with lots of joy and good food. I’m still trying to recover, so I’m taking it easy. 🙂 This gave me some time to re-check how the admin UI of the “new” Divi can be improved.

A lot has changed since February 2015, when I posted the first article on this topic, which was still done pre Divi 2.4. Since then we have a more enhanced Divi with more options, more user-friendlyness and more of everything, thanks to the dedication of ET. And we also have the amazing Divi Builder plugin which you can use with any theme you want, and we have the Extra theme, which is also based on the Divi Builder. (Thanks guys! You are the best!!!)

And this brings us to the first big improvement of this trick: it WORKS WITH ALL THREE: the Divi Builder, the Divi theme and the Extra theme. Updated to Divi 2.6.x.

The UI of the Divi Builder also has changed dramatically to its advantage. But for me there was still some “room for improvement”. 🙂 I’m always looking for ways to optimize things that make work (or fun) easier whether it’s less clicks, less scrolling or more data on the screen. So read on to find out how you can have a Divi user interface that makes your work faster.


More Font Awesome icons in a blurb

To follow up last weeks post about using Font Awesome icons for a blurb instead of the built in Elegant Font icons, and as promised, here is what you can do to make it easier, faster and using less code and clicking to use them in blurbs all over your site.


Note 1: This post is not about using more than 1 icon in one blurb! Why would you anyway, right? 🙂


Note 2, to set the expectations: This solution needs some very minor technical experience (basically search and copy-paste). The solution IS simple, however it does not provide a super-simple click-and-drag-and-it-works solution. (I’m thinking about one, but it’s a tad bit difficult.)



How to replace the blurb icon with Font Awesome

Last week I received a help request from John. He was trying to replace the blurb icon from it’s original Elegant Font to a Font Awesome icon. He did some pre-work, so half the credits go to him. Only some tricky finishing touches were needed.

I thought that other Divi users would be interested in this, so here it comes. Click to see how you can do it yourself. It requires adding some CSS to your style sheet and maybe playing around with it a bit for proper adjusments.

First, of course, you need to have Font Awesome loaded. You can easily do that with the Font Awesome for Divi Builder plugin, which you can grab here. Then follow the steps below.


1. Set up a blurb

Just set up a blurb with any icon. We’ll replace the icon later with some CSS.

If you want a circle or circle border, set those up the way you want it.

Give the blurb a custom CSS class name. (Open your Blurb Settings, go to the Custom CSS tab, and add the class name in the CSS Class field.) It should be different that the Font Awesome class names, e.g. don’t use fa-plane. But you can use fab-plane.


2. Hide the icon

In the Blurb Module Settings panel go to Advanced Design Settings.

Switch on ‘Use Icon Font Size’ and set it to 0.


Now you will need to edit your style.css file, so go to Appearance > Editor. It should automatically load your styles.css

Add these lines to it, with your settings. Read the notes below.

.fab-plane .et-pb-icon::after {
    content: "\f072";
    font-family: "FontAwesome" !important;
    font-size: 48px;
    padding: 6px; /* OPTIONAL, READ NOTES */


The .fab-plane should be the css class name you gave your blurb.

The content should be the unicode from the Font Awesome page, e.g. “\f002” for the magnifying glass in the example. Don’t forget the quotation marks and the backslash!

You will most probably need to adjust the font-size of the icon. An out-of-the-box Divi uses 48px for the icon on top and 16px for the icon on the left. You can of course use different values if you want to.

The padding is optional. Some icons are not square, for example the plane icon. In these cases the circle around the icon will be an oval. This can be fixed by setting a padding of a couple of pixels. If you don’t need any padding, then just remove the line.

If you did the above 4 steps, then you should have your blurb ready with a Font Awesome icon.

If you have more blurbs, then you need to do this for every one of them. Or do you? 🙂

In my next post I will be giving you some tips on how to minimize / simplify the CSS code if you are using more blurbs with Font Awesome. If you want to be ready for that, then give all your Blurbs an extra CSS class name called ‘fab’. 😉

If you have questions or you need some help, feel free to leave a comment, maybe it will help somebody else too.

Happy Blurbing!

Videos in a monitor frame in Divi

Videos in a monitor frame in Divi

Divi makes it pretty easy to insert videos from almost any source in any page with the Video module. This is really great and saves a lot of hassle to developers.

The videos can be made even nicer looking if they have a frame around them. Some like a chalkboard, some a window of a house or a monitor. This can not be done out of the box, but a bit of CSS tweaking can produce a very nice result. To show you an example…


Using Font Awesome with Divi

Using Font Awesome with Divi

Divi includes a very nice icon set, the Elegant Icon Font. It has a stunning 360 icons, however that was not good enough for me. 🙂 So I checked around a bit.

There are couple of free icon font sets on the web. My personal favourite is Font Awesome, which I believe is becoming the non-plus-ultra in this area and it’s totally free! The collection (version 4.3.0) currently packs 519 amazing icons for different categories like web applications, gender icons, file types, and so on. Even some Star Wars related ones!!! Click to see how to integrate it in your Divi powered WordPress site and get some tips on formatting.


How to create a clickable section divider in Divi

How to create a clickable section divider in Divi

First, what do I mean by a clickable section divider?

It is an icon usually in a circle which is positioned between two clearly distinguishable horizontal sections on a page. Most of the time the user can click the icon and as a result the page will automatically scroll to a predefined section fo the page. It is used for making navigation on longer pages easier and for decorative purposes as well.

This is a feature which I was missing from Divi, so I decided to create it. Read on to find out how it can be done.


Add your colors to the WordPress color picker

Add your colors to the WordPress color picker

Since version 3.5 WordPress has a new color picker, the HiDPI-ready, CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris.

Recently when I was developing custom sites for some clients I needed to use their corporate identity colors and I got tired of copy-pasting the different hex codes in the color picker all the time. So I started to look for a way to add custom colors to the color picker. At the end I succeeded. Read on to see how you can do it as well.


How to create an iPad slider in Divi

How to create an iPad slider in Divi

I realized some code was not working in some browsers, so I updated it and now it’s totally browser independent.

The Divi theme is full of wonderful moduls which allow you to do basically anything. The one that I was looking forward to test the most was the slider module.

It didn’t disappoint me: it’s easy to use with lots of options and gives an amazing result. Still, I was wondering how it can be further enhanced, let’s say, with having the slides run within an iPad frame. So I started to do it and here I’m sharing the result with you.


Offset in Blog module not working with Divi Children 2.0

Offset in Blog module not working with Divi Children 2.0

Besides Divi I’m using the Divi Children plugin (developed by Luis Alejandre who runs divi4u.com). It’s a great plugin to help you create a child theme for Divi and adds some extra functionality as well.

I recently updated to Divi 2.3 where the offset function was introduced in the blog module. However, it didn’t want to work. Click on Read more to learn about the “bug” and the fix.


More efficient admin UI in Divi

More efficient admin UI in Divi

When I first saw the Divi theme from Elegant Themes (ET) I immediately fell in love with it. The theme is flexible enough to create ANY type of website with a drag and drop interface and loads of different modules for any purpose you can think of.

I started using Divi immediately as I had to develop the new website of the company where I was working at the time. Development was fun and fast. And although I have a 24″ monitor I was still a bit annoyed of the unused or not effectively used space by the Page Builder. So I decided to tweak it a bit. Some of it has already been implemented by ET in v2.0, but there are still some tweaks which make better use of the screen space.