Going Multilingual with Divi

Going Multilingual with Divi

Happy 2017!

If you are running a multilingual site with Divi, then you are going to LOVE THIS piece of news!

The teams of WPML / OnTheGoSystems and Divi / Elegant Themes have been working together hard on making their plugins compatible with eachother. It looks like they have achieved their goal and now you are able to translate the pages built with Divi in a few clicks thanks to WPML.

Check out this short intro video to get into the mood of making your site multilingual. 🙂



When I saw the video I was jumping with joy. A client of mine is running a multilingual site with 7 languages at the moment and getting the content translated was kinda difficult. I still need to test the above, but it looks like a gigantic load has been lifted off of multilingual site owners.

If you want to have a very detailed written tutorial, then you can find one in the WPML Documentation library here.

I am sooooo much looking forward to testing and using this! Thanks WPML and thanks Divi!


Using Font Awesome with Divi

Using Font Awesome with Divi

Divi includes a very nice icon set, the Elegant Icon Font. It has a stunning 360 icons, however that was not good enough for me. 🙂 So I checked around a bit.

There are couple of free icon font sets on the web. My personal favourite is Font Awesome, which I believe is becoming the non-plus-ultra in this area and it’s totally free! The collection (version 4.3.0) currently packs 519 amazing icons for different categories like web applications, gender icons, file types, and so on. Even some Star Wars related ones!!! Click to see how to integrate it in your Divi powered WordPress site and get some tips on formatting.