FA Icons for Divi Builder 2.5 now supporting Font Awesome 5

FA Icons for Divi Builder 2.5 now supporting Font Awesome 5

Font Awesome has launched version 5. That absolutely called for an update of the FA Icons for Divi Builder plugin!

Due to licensing reasons the plugin had to be renamed but it’s still the same, just better. :o)

The plugin now supports Font Awesome 5 Free, both SVG and Webfonts versions, as well as the good old version 4.7.

The settings page also received a nice facelift and the plugin became multilingual. If you want your translation to be included in the package, just translate is with the help of the included .pot file and send it over to me. I will be happy to include it in the package.

Here’s a rundown of what all is new.

* [Tweak] Renamed the plugin due to licensing reasons (https://fontawesome.com/license)
* [Feature] Added the option to use Font Awesome 5 free (v5.0.8)
* [Feature] Added possibility to translate the plugin and included .pot file
* [i18n] Added Hungarian translation
* [Tweak] Added tabbed options to better separate basic and advanced settings
* [Tweak] Improved the design of the setting page
* [Compatibility] Updated compatible version numbers
* Removed deprecated code
* Bumped version number
* February 13, 2018

Read the plugin details here or go grab it from the store.

Divi Builder UI Plugin Update

Divi Builder UI Plugin Update

Happy to share that the Divi Builder UI plugin has received an update! The Pro version has 4 new settings, plus there are some bugfixes and tweaks.

Head over to the plugin page to check the plugin out, or jump straight to the change log. If you just want to get your hands on it, then click here. 🙂

Oh, and it’s Black Friday at The Divi Magazine as well! 😉 Get 50% off with the code ‘DMBF2017’ until November 30.

Divi Breadcrumbs Module for Divi – A Plugin Review

Divi Breadcrumbs Module for Divi – A Plugin Review

First of all I’d like talk about the breadcrumbs a little in general. If you don’t know what website breadcrumbs are, they are links usually located somewhere at the top of the page of a website that show your current location on a certain website. I mean which page you currently are viewing and in which category. For example, if you are viewing an automotive website and you may be viewing particularly the “Opel Corsa” page, the breadcrumbs could be something like this: “Small Cars > German Cars > Opel > Corsa”. As you can see, the breadcrumbs may be useful if you have a website that has many pages. And possibly many categories as well.

“So, when you want to display the breadcrumbs navigation links somewhere on your Divi website, just place there this module and it will do its job.”

The Divi theme (you can read more about Divi on https://wpvivo.com – just note that it’s in Spanish) doesn’t have the breadcrumbs feature by default. Luckily, there is someone who has developed a premium plugin to add this feature to Divi. The plugin is called Divi Breadcrumbs Module and I will briefly review it in this article.

After activating the plugin in your WordPress admin panel, you will see a new module among your Divi modules options in the Divi Builder settings. This module will be called Divi Breadcrumbs and will be highlighted with the pink color. So you will surely notice it because of this color.
So, when you want to display the breadcrumbs navigation links somewhere on your Divi website, just place there this module and it will do its job. Then in the settings of this module you have some options. For example, you can choose to hide the homepage or the current page breadcrumb. Or, you can insert custom text for the home breadcrumb. And you can also change the separator icon “>>” to something different. You have 12 options there. In the design settings of the module you can customize the colors as well as the fonts sizes of the texts.

In overall, I think this is a pretty good plugin that does a really nice job. And if I had a website with a lot of content and many categories, I would most likely buy this plugin.

You can get a copy of this plugin here and I hope this review will help you.

Do you use breadcrumbs? Or only on certain types of sites? Or you try to avoid them as much as possible? Let me know in the comments below.

Divi Builder UI plugin released

Divi Builder UI plugin released

When it comes to work, I’m all about being effective. As effective as possible with as little scrolling and as few clicks as possible.

The design team at Elegant Themes did a great job in designing and further improving on the Divi Builder user interface. It is well organized and quite intuitive. I like working with it in general. And the Visual Builder on the front end was a nice addition recently, however, in most cases I still use the backend with the Divi Builder, it is simply more effective for me.

After working with it for some time – a couple years back – I realized though that there is too much scrolling involved when I need to adjust one thing in a module. So I started thinking and tinkering and wrote about it … But I wanted more!

And at last, all that tinkering resulted in the Divi Builder UI Light | Divi Builder UI Pro plugins, which I am happily releasing today.

You can visit the plugin page to read and see what it does and what are the differences between Light and Pro.

I am very proud of this plugin and I really hope it will reach to popularity of Font Awesome for Divi, which has been downloaded more than a 1500 times so far.

Go ahead and check it out!

Going Multilingual with Divi

Going Multilingual with Divi

Happy 2017!

If you are running a multilingual site with Divi, then you are going to LOVE THIS piece of news!

The teams of WPML / OnTheGoSystems and Divi / Elegant Themes have been working together hard on making their plugins compatible with eachother. It looks like they have achieved their goal and now you are able to translate the pages built with Divi in a few clicks thanks to WPML.

Check out this short intro video to get into the mood of making your site multilingual. 🙂



When I saw the video I was jumping with joy. A client of mine is running a multilingual site with 7 languages at the moment and getting the content translated was kinda difficult. I still need to test the above, but it looks like a gigantic load has been lifted off of multilingual site owners.

If you want to have a very detailed written tutorial, then you can find one in the WPML Documentation library here.

I am sooooo much looking forward to testing and using this! Thanks WPML and thanks Divi!


Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.3 released

Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.3 released

The Font Awesome for Divi Builder plugin received an important update!!!

Font Awesome has changed their apporach in how the icon library can be included with a site – for good. Until now when a new version of the icon library was released you needed to paste a new code into the head of your site. Now this is over. There is one code (you can generate it here) which you never have to change again and you will always receive the latest and greatest of font icon.

Note: you will need to generate your own Font Awesome embed code here! It is not provided by The Divi Maganize.

This change has also been reflected in the Font Awesome for Divi Builder plugin. Activate it, enter the code received from Font Awesome and you are ready to go – for a loooooooong time. 🙂

Also a new feature of the plugin is a dashboard widget where you will receive news about any updates and news from The Divi Magazine.

Head over to the store to grab the new version, or just click this button below:

Font Awesome for Divi plugin now supports Extra and the Divi Builder!

The Font Awesome for Divi plugin has been updated! And what an update!!! Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.2 supports not only the Divi theme, but also the Divi Builder plugin (with any theme) and the Extra theme as well!

(Yes, the plugin has been renamed to TDM: Font Awesome for Divi Builder, as the Divi Builder plugin is the core element of all three items.)

What else do you get with this version?

[Bugfix] No error messages are shown on frontend or backend after first plugin activation (when no data is saved yet)

[Bugfix] Styles are not loaded anymore when Font Awesome is disabled

[Feature] Styles can be loaded when other plugin is used to load Font Awesome

[Feature] You can keep the options when deleting the plugin

Where can I get the Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.2 plugin?

Go and grab the plugin from the store for free, while stocks last! 🙂

(If you feel generous, you can invite me for a coffee here.)

How do I install the plugin?

Just like any other WordPress plugin.

Method 1: In your WP admin go to Plugins > Add New > Upload > Select the zip file and click the button.

Method 2: Unzip the zip file and copy the contents (including the parent directory) via ftp to your server under ‘wp-content/plugins’.

How do I upgrde from an older version?

Method 1: In your WP admin go to Plugins, delete the old plugin, then add the new plugin. Warning: your settings will not be saved! That feature comes in the new version.

Method 2. Upload the files to your server via ftp and simply override the old files. Your settings will be kept!

Where will I find the settings?

In your WP admin area, either under the menu ‘Divi’ or ‘Extra’, depending on the theme you use. For the Divi Builder plugin it is also under the menu ‘Divi’.

Do you have other information on Font Awesome and Divi?

Yes, here is the list of posts that have to do with Font Awesome and Divi: