4 tips for a safe WordPress update

4 tips for a safe WordPress update

This post is not specifically Divi related, but I believe it touches a topic that might help WordPress users in having less frustration with updates to plugins and WordPress.


Some 6 months ago I joined the support team of Modern Tribe, the creators of The Events Calendar and it’s add-ons. (Best job and team I ever had! I love you guys!) Usually, when a new release comes out (maintenance or major) the number of questions and complaints increases. Sometimes new bugs are discovered and occasionally an update can wreck a website, no matter how thoroughly the QA team tests it before release. These complaints have inspired this post.


Divi 2.3.2 released

Yesterday I read about the coming Divi 2.4 update, which will be packed with a whole bunch of new features. (Read the Elegant Themes sneak peek here.) It’s going to be amazing!

Today I was surprised to see on my Dashboard the Divi 2.3.2 update being available. I quickly logged in to the ET members area to check the changelog, but it is not yet available there.

But after the update – I trusted nothing will break 🙂 – I checked the changelog, and it says the following:

version 2.3.2 ( updated 04-23-2015 )
- Fixed the issue with Aweber, breaking Page Builder on some servers, when no settings were defined
    * functions.php
- Added minor security hardening
    * epanel/custom_functions.php
    * et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
    * functions.php
- Bumped version number
    * style.css

So we got an Aweber bug fixed and tougher security.

Thanks Elegant Themes! Keep up the good work!

I wonder what’s coming tomorrow… 🙂

Add your colors to the WordPress color picker

Add your colors to the WordPress color picker

Since version 3.5 WordPress has a new color picker, the HiDPI-ready, CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris.

Recently when I was developing custom sites for some clients I needed to use their corporate identity colors and I got tired of copy-pasting the different hex codes in the color picker all the time. So I started to look for a way to add custom colors to the color picker. At the end I succeeded. Read on to see how you can do it as well.