Using Divi with a child theme and a CDN might result in the ETModules font icons not showing. Here’s the solution.

This is a fresh experience. Like happened 15 minutes ago. A client of mine is just setting up a CDN for his site. (MaxCDN to be exact.) And we chose to use WP Rocket as a caching plugin. And of course the site is running on Divi with a child theme.

As we went through the setup step by step we discovered that the Divi icons – the ETModules font set – are not appearing, as the font is not loaded. At the end a bit of googling and some lucky hunch helped solve the problem.

Googling resulted in this page:

saying that you need to add your add the stylesheet URL to the Rejected Files list on the CDN tab, like this:


But that didn’t fix it. So here came the hunch: we are using a child theme, so let’s try with that. And voila, problem solved. So you don’t add the Divi style sheet there, but your child theme’s style sheet, like this:


Hope this helps someone.


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