Version 2.12 | Released: 2019-02-03

Supports Self Hosting, Free CDN, and PRO CDN as well!!!

Before purchasing, to forego any surprises, and for installation and usage instructions, please check the plugin page.

With the FA (Font Awesome) Icons for Divi Builder plugin you will be able to use Font Awesome – the iconic font and CSS toolkit – on your Divi Builder powered WordPress site.

It supports Font Awesome 4.7 and Font Awesome 5, both Free and Pro as well, and it is also possible to self host FA5 Free. Compatible with the themes Divi and Extra, and with the Divi Builder plugin. And actually any theme out there.

Note 1: If you would like to use For Font Awesome 5 Pro icons, then you need to own a Font Awesome 5 Pro license! It is not provided by The Divi Magazine. If you don’t have a Font Awesome 5 Pro license yet, then you can get one here.
Note 2: For Font Awesome 4.7 you will need to generate your own Font Awesome embed code here! It is not provided by The Divi Magazine.

No programming needed, just activate, check a box or two, and you are ready to go.

And here are some cool articles about different uses:

If you only want icons from Font Awesome 4.7, then get the free version here.