When I started building sites with Divi I loved the ease-of-use of the Page Builder. Very soon I realized I will have sections of pages that I will want to reuse and don’t want to recreate. Let it be only a section at the very end of a page with some copyright info or a specific layout with a call to action in the middle of every page. Saving and Loading a layout is the easy solution for this, but how is it possible to save only a section?

Actually it is quite easy.

Simply open the page where you have the desired section for editing.

Delete all sections and modules that you don’t need, so you are left only with theĀ  one you need.

Now click on Save Layout, name it and save it.

Click on Pages / All Pages on the left menu bar to go back to your list of pages. In case the browser asks you if you want to leave the page without saving, then do so. You’re layout is saved and you don’t want to save the page and lose everything that was there.

Now you can easily insert the saved section (layout) to any other page.


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