The Page Builder in Divi lets you create a page with basically any type of layout and content. Whatever you want.

However, by default, your visitors cannot leave you comments and other loving messages on the pages build with Page Builder, even if you have the Allow comments setting turned on and the Show comments on pages enabled in the ePanel. This is a bit of a disappointment, but there IS a solution.

Divi comes with 2 page templates, a Default Template that will give you a top menu, and a Blank Page which gives you, well, a blank page.

Both these templates have a line of code that would insert the Comments part in the page IF the Page Builder is not used. Unfortunately it’s not enough to modify this line, because of several consequences in the different layouts / templates. But with a new template this can all be fixed.

Page Template for pages with Page Builder and Comments

page-builder-with-commentsI took the default template as a base and added a couple lines of code (almost) at the end.

You can check the end result on any of my Example pages, they are all built with Page Builder and comments are working on them as expected.

The comment section will be as wide as your content and it will be just as responsive.

If you want, you can just grab the template file from the store (it’s free).

  1. Unzip and copy the file into your active Theme’s folder, or it Parent Theme’s folder (wp-content/themes/Divi/ or your child theme folder). You will immediately have a new template called Page Builder with Comments available on your pages.
  2. Enable comments on your page and enable Show comments on pages in the ePanel under Appearance > Divi Theme Options > Layout Settings > Single Page Layout.
  3. Wait for your visitors to leave you some loving messages.

With all that set you will get your comments section at the end of any page built with Page Builder.

Enjoy and spread the love! 🙂


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