I couldn’t be more excited to share that FA Icons for Divi Builder 2.6 has just been released and supports the Font Awesome 5 Pro CDN as well! To check what’s new (and for an offer) keep reading!

Pro, Pro and Pro

Probably the biggest change is that now the plugin supports Font Awesome 5 Pro icons as well! That means you can use 1.877 more icons (at the date of publishing), than in the Free version, which is a stunning 169% more! Isn’t that simply Awesome?!?

So what do you get with Pro?

  • More icons
  • An extra light icon style, and more icons with regular style
  • You get to use the Pro CDN, so you don’t need to host the icons yourself

I also need to make a quick disclaimer here: Please note, that i you would like to use For Font Awesome 5 Pro icons, then you need to own a Font Awesome 5 Pro license! This is not provided by The Divi Magazine. If you donā€™t have a Font Awesome 5 Pro license yet, then you can get one here .)

What else is new?

  • The supported FA version now is 5.0.13!
  • Some formatting options have been fixed, which didn’t work in the previous version.
  • And automatic plugin update is available (if you have at least version 2.5.1), so you don’t need to bother with manually deleting and re-uploading the plugin.

To get all the details of what the plugin does and doesn’t do, please check out the plugin page before making a purchase. This will also help avoid any disappointments and frustrations.

What’s not new?

No, the plugin unfortunately still does not provide a UI for inserting icons into your content, blurbs, etc. To see how you can insert specific icons, please refer to the Examples page of Font Awesome.

I’m working on how to best solve this to give you a better experience and easier usability, but it will take some time.

So where is the offer?

I’m so excited about this release, that if you use the below coupon code at checkout then you can get my other plugin, the Divi Builder UI Pro plugin for only half the price! Let’s say, until end of June. šŸ™‚


Let’s get crackin’!


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