The Font Awesome for Divi plugin has been updated! And what an update!!! Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.2 supports not only the Divi theme, but also the Divi Builder plugin (with any theme) and the Extra theme as well!

(Yes, the plugin has been renamed to TDM: Font Awesome for Divi Builder, as the Divi Builder plugin is the core element of all three items.)

What else do you get with this version?

[Bugfix] No error messages are shown on frontend or backend after first plugin activation (when no data is saved yet)

[Bugfix] Styles are not loaded anymore when Font Awesome is disabled

[Feature] Styles can be loaded when other plugin is used to load Font Awesome

[Feature] You can keep the options when deleting the plugin

Where can I get the Font Awesome for Divi Builder 2.2 plugin?

Go and grab the plugin from the store for free, while stocks last! 🙂

(If you feel generous, you can invite me for a coffee here.)

How do I install the plugin?

Just like any other WordPress plugin.

Method 1: In your WP admin go to Plugins > Add New > Upload > Select the zip file and click the button.

Method 2: Unzip the zip file and copy the contents (including the parent directory) via ftp to your server under ‘wp-content/plugins’.

How do I upgrde from an older version?

Method 1: In your WP admin go to Plugins, delete the old plugin, then add the new plugin. Warning: your settings will not be saved! That feature comes in the new version.

Method 2. Upload the files to your server via ftp and simply override the old files. Your settings will be kept!

Where will I find the settings?

In your WP admin area, either under the menu ‘Divi’ or ‘Extra’, depending on the theme you use. For the Divi Builder plugin it is also under the menu ‘Divi’.

Do you have other information on Font Awesome and Divi?

Yes, here is the list of posts that have to do with Font Awesome and Divi:



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