I realized some code was not working in some browsers, so I updated it and now it’s totally browser independent.

The Divi theme is full of wonderful moduls which allow you to do basically anything. The one that I was looking forward to test the most was the slider module.

It didn’t disappoint me: it’s easy to use with lots of options and gives an amazing result. Still, I was wondering how it can be further enhanced, let’s say, with having the slides run within an iPad frame. So I started to do it and here I’m sharing the result with you.

Click on this link to go to the Example page where you can see it working, plus it explains in detail how to do it or go to the store and download the CSS file and the background images for free.

Please note the following:

  • The indicated values in the example work specifically with the used iPad frame image. If you are using a different image, your values might need to be changed.
  • This modification only considers a full display resolution where the minimum width of the browser window is 981 px. There might be an update coming soon which addresses more resolutions.

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