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Divi Theme History

Divi Theme History

The amazing Divi 3.0 is out (for some time now) and fellow Divi enthusiast, Andrej found this the right time to put together an infographic on the history of Divi. Without further ado, here it comes:   Andrej is a Divi theme lover and he's running the blog...

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Divi + Icon Fonts + WP Rocket + CDN

Using Divi with a child theme and a CDN might result in the ETModules font icons not showing. Here's the solution. This is a fresh experience. Like happened 15 minutes ago. A client of mine is just setting up a CDN for his site. (MaxCDN to be exact.) And we chose to...

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Interactive slider with Divi Builder

Interactive slider with Divi Builder

This has been long in the making but finally it is here. The tutorial on how to create an interactive clickable slider with Divi.

Two important notes as a start:

Note 1: This is an intermediate level tutorial. You will need to work a bit with your browser’s developer tools (or the Firebug extension) to check some CSS and you will need to work with CSS. Don’t be afraid, it sounds more scary than it is.

Note 2: This tutorial covers the creation of an interactive slider for the Desktop view only!

It is possible to create interactive sliders that work in Tablet and Phone view as well, but they require much more work. And I personally think that interactive sliders are a pain to use on small screens, so see my recommendation for this at the end of the article. And now let’s get interactive!

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Divi Builder Admin UI revisited

Updated to Divi 2.6.x!

Happy 2016 to everyone! Hope you all had happy holidays with lots of joy and good food. I’m still trying to recover, so I’m taking it easy. 🙂 This gave me some time to re-check how the admin UI of the “new” Divi can be improved.

A lot has changed since February 2015, when I posted the first article on this topic, which was still done pre Divi 2.4. Since then we have a more enhanced Divi with more options, more user-friendlyness and more of everything, thanks to the dedication of ET. And we also have the amazing Divi Builder plugin which you can use with any theme you want, and we have the Extra theme, which is also based on the Divi Builder. (Thanks guys! You are the best!!!)

And this brings us to the first big improvement of this trick: it WORKS WITH ALL THREE: the Divi Builder, the Divi theme and the Extra theme.

The UI of the Divi Builder also has changed dramatically to its advantage. But for me there was still some “room for improvement”. 🙂 I’m always looking for ways to optimize things that make work (or fun) easier whether it’s less clicks, less scrolling or more data on the screen. So read on to find out how you can have a Divi user interface that makes your work faster.

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More Font Awesome icons in a blurb

To follow up last weeks post about using Font Awesome icons for a blurb instead of the built in Elegant Font icons, and as promised, here is what you can do to make it easier, faster and using less code and clicking to use them in blurbs all over your site.

Note 1: This post is not about using more than 1 icon in one blurb! Why would you anyway, right? 🙂

Note 2, to set the expectations: This solution needs some very minor technical experience (basically search and copy-paste). The solution IS simple, however it does not provide a super-simple click-and-drag-and-it-works solution. (I’m thinking about one, but it’s a tad bit difficult.)

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How to replace the blurb icon with Font Awesome

Last week I received a help request from John. He was trying to replace the blurb icon from it’s original Elegant Font to a Font Awesome icon. He did some pre-work, so half the credits go to him. Only some tricky finishing touches were needed.

I thought that other Divi users would be interested in this, so here it comes. Click on the title to see how you can do it yourself. It requires adding some CSS to your style sheet and maybe playing around with it a bit for proper adjusments.

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