Summer is in full blast, but it looks like the Font Awesome team does not go on vacation. They just delivered 4 new category packs and that also means there is an update for the FA Icons for Divi plugin.

What’s new in FA Icons for Divi 2.8?

Quite a lot, actually.

Obviously it supports the new icon packs. (Check here.)

Beside using the Font Awesome CDN now you also have the option of Self hosting the icons of FA 5 Free. What is self hosting? It means that the icons will be served from the same server as your site, and not from a server that is part of a Content Delivery Network.

In case you use your WordPress dashboard in a different language than English you can now translate the whole plugin, including the labels on the switches through a css file. (If you want your translation to be included in the next version, send it over, and I’ll be happy to add it. You will find my contact on the Help tab.)

I fixed a bug which caused an error when trying to network activate the plugin on a multi-site installation. (Thanks to Stian for reporting this.)

I updated the URLs on the Help tab because they were pointing to already non-existing pages.

The the FA assets were updated in the plugin to make sure you get the latest icons under all circumstances.

I ran some test to make sure that the plugin works with the latest versions of Divi, Extra, and Divi Builder.

New packs in Font Awesome 5.2


To get all the details of what the plugin does and doesn’t do, please check out the plugin page before making a purchase. This will also help avoid any disappointments and frustrations.

Also the plugin still does not provide a UI for inserting icons into your content, blurbs, etc. To see how you can insert specific icons, please refer to the Examples page of Font Awesome.



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