Phew… There’s been a long silence here. For a reason. I became busy.

In January 2019 I took on the role of Support Manager at Modern Tribe, creators of The Events Calendar and Co. This looked like and still is a very exciting challenge for me. I still get to work with awesome people, and now I also have to care about, guide, mentor, coach a dozen-and-a-half support agents.

The role is super exciting and there is no stopping. 🙂 Which is good on one side. On the other side I don’t have much time any more to dabble in building WordPress sites with Divi, thus the source of Divi tips & tricks is slowing down.

I still work with WordPress, a lot, from the support side. This is my work and source of inspiration at the moment, and I like to share my support experiences with the community. You can catch glimpses of this on my other blog and on occasion you can catch me at a WordCamp as well.

So what now?

Divi Magazine will stay here for a while. Not sure how much time I will have to post things, but I don’t want to shut down the opportunity. I might return to building pages with Divi soon.

Until then, keep creating awesome sites!


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