Happy to announce that The Divi Magazine and the Examples are updated  to the latest version of Divi (currently So if there was something you liked in Divi 2.3, now you can have it in 2.4 as well. So head over to the Examples and check how to do them with Divi 2.4. Read on to see what changed.

Changes in Examples


No gap between modules

There is actually no change here. The thing is simple and works with the legacy 2.3 version as well as with 2.4. Though now the same effects can be achieved without any custom CSS, I still see this as a viable alternative option, because you don’t need to change settings in several places (Sections, Rows, Modules), you only need to add the CSS class name to the Section and you are done.

Check out the No gap between modules example »


iPad Slider

This works perfectly on 2.3 and 2.4. For Divi 2.4 only one extra CSS line needed to be added. (You can find it in step 4.)

Check out the iPad Slider example »


Section Divider Button

This is a big one! Now you don’t need any custom CSS, you can do all the settings within the Page Builder. And you can grab the pre-made layouts for free from the store!!!

Check out the Section Divider Button example » or check out the legacy version here.


Videos in a Monitor Frame

This needed some  major overhaul as the columns are handled in a totally fluid way by Divi. But there is no impossible.

Check out the Videos in a Monitor Frame example » or check out the legacy version here.


Changes in the Store


Secdiv layouts – new!!!

The newest item in the store! Skip the coding and settings, just grab this freebie, make the Secdivs part of your Divi Library and start using them in 3 minutes!


FontAwesome for Divi

This is a high flyer in the store, works well with old and new Divi.

There will be an update coming soon to fix the TinyMCE deleting the <i> tags.


Page Builder with Comments page template

Works perfectly with old and new Divi, no changes here.


Simple iPad Slider for Divi (legacy)

This version works on Divi 2.3 and before. Soon it will be updated to be compatible with 2.4 as well.


Changes in my Life

My second daughter was born a month ago, happy and healthy. I still need to get used to the new sleeping pattern, but all is well.

She’s already developing fabulous sites with Divi 2.4, but I always catch her sleeping on the job. 🙂


Have fun and check back soon for some more tips & tricks!





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