Without much fireworks, the plugin now supports Font Awesome version 5.1!

What is new in Font Awesome version 5.1?

  • Travel category pack
  • Design category pack
  • Emoji category pack
  • Commissions and top requests
  • and a bunch of improvements

As for the plugin itself

  • Increased supported Font Awesome 5 version number to v5.1.0
  • Updated Font Awesome assets
  • Updated compatible version numbers

To get all the details of what the plugin does and doesn’t do, please check out the plugin page before making a purchase. This will also help avoid any disappointments and frustrations.

Also the plugin still does not provide a UI for inserting icons into your content, blurbs, etc. To see how you can insert specific icons, please refer to the Examples page of Font Awesome.

And the offer is still on for a couple of days

If you use the below coupon code at checkout then you can get my other plugin, the Divi Builder UI Pro plugin for only half the price! Let’s say, until end of June. 🙂


Enjoy summer! Or winter, if you happen to be living on the Southern hemisphere. 😉


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